Why You Should Vote. Yeah, You.

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Why You Should Vote. Yeah, You.

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Even if you’re not a regular lottery player, you start to pay attention when the Mega Millions gets over $400 million, right? You buy a ticket or ten and say, “Hey, you never know…
But hundreds of thousands of Americans feel like their vote doesn’t count.

There have been instances, though, where elections have come down to a single vote. A. Single. Vote.
That’s not all. 2014 was a record-setting year for voting. Why? We had record lows for voter turnout. No one’s coming out to vote. This is not a privilege like driving. This is a right. As Americans, men and women have died for our rights to freedoms just like this.

In this information age, we have facts and misinformation flying all around our heads. It’s your responsibility to go into the polls being an informed voter. It’s your responsibility to not get your news from Facebook. I really must insist upon it.

Go to Google.com, type “unbiased voter guide,” and see what comes up. If the website is a .org, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a non-profit. Go to their “about” page and check out their motives. This is on you, guys.
I researched my candidates last night and it took me 30 minutes. It then took me less than 5 minutes at the polling booth because I already knew my candidates and the issues. Done and done.

So…35 minutes of your time for a possible lifetime of consequences to our country.
Hey, you never know.

Click on any of this post’s photos for links to unbiased voter information.

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