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Before I came to Phoenix Rising, I was at the lowest point in my life and saw no way out of the abyss I had fallen. Once I came to Phoenix Rising and found out they really cared for me and only wanted the best for my life, I began to claw my way out and believe I was able to do more. Thanks to Mrs. Joanne Viccani and the support staff at Phoenix. I have sealed off the demons of my past and found the strength to face each new challenge! I look forward to each appointment and see myself climbing the mountain higher and higher. Thank you all for saving my life!

I drive an hour each way for treatment from Joanne Viccani because she provides such great care and is always looking out for my best interests.

The front desk girls are very friendly, helpful, and funny. The rest of the staff is kind and understanding, very helpful, and good listeners. Phoenix Rising in general is a good mental health facility and helpful in understanding yourself, what you have been through, and how to deal with it. Nothing but good things to say about the people employed at Phoenix Rising.